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As an independent financial services firm, we will review your current situation and take the time to understand your current situation.


Justin began his finance career in November 1999 at the National Bank and have extensive experience in the finance industry, working for a number of financial institutions in my 17 year banking career varying from Residential to Corporate Banking, I have seen different economic changes and banking policy changes.

I have always put clients first and always take the time to understand their requirements and future plans. A point of difference is being contactable via phone or email to explain the process, provide clear timelines, and finance terms to make you feel comfortable as I am committed to customer outcomes.

Everyone’s situation is different and with the banking industry implementing new assessment measures, it will make obtaining finance harder now and in the future. Having an experienced finance professional will be more crucial than ever.


As an independent financial services firm, we will review your current situation and take time to understand your current situation. 

  • Government-backed Business Loans (How do they work and can I get one?)
  • Unsecured Business loans
  • Unsecured Overdrafts
    alternative types of funding
  • Cash-out using assets in the business
  • Which type of loan is most suitable?

Government-backed loans may not be the best option.
We can access many different products through first and second tier lenders so we can apply for the right facility for you.


We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their finance goals in normal times. 

We have been assisting clients who have had their businesses affected by the COVID 19 crisis. 

We present your business to a perspective  financier by providing strategic commentary on your financials and mitigate the COVID 19 questions the lenders are asking.  

We have successfully assisted existing and new clients with obtaining facilities during the Corona Virus pandemic.  


Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation.

Contact us today for a free 15 minute consultation to find out how we can suggest short-term and long-term strategies that will help you through these times of uncertainty.





Time is money

Justin Shiong
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